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Dear Prospective Families and Students,


Welcome to Centro Fidei International School. It is an honor for us that you are considering or have considered Centro Fidei to be your partner in education and in the moulding fine beings. I am sure that prior to this day you have visited a lot of schools around the country. You have interviewed family and friends, and after much thought, here you are reading this. There must have been something about Centro Fidei that has caught your attention but allow me to acquaint you properly with what to expect in our school.


The Centro Fidei community is dynamic in every sense of the word. The families that make up our student population together with the faculty members and staff work in a genuine pursuit of academic excellence and in building people with good character. Teachers and lecturers understand the significance and role of technology inside the classroom. A school community that accommodates globalisation. Students come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, with varied interests. A campus that is conducive and safe.


It is our pleasure to be part of their growth as they learn and forge meaningful relationships. We believe in the value of a well-rounded curriculum and extra-curricular program, helping all students turn their interests into passions, encouraging everyone to explore as many avenues as they wish.


Thank you very much and welcome to the Centro Fidei family.

Jose Antonio Narciso

School Administrator

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