Dear Prospective Families and Students,


     Welcome to Centro Fidei School. It is an honor for us that you are considering or have considered Centro Fidei to be your partner in education and in the building of fine ladies and gentlemen. I am sure that prior to this day you have visited a lot of schools around the city. You have interviewed family and friends, and after much thought, here you are reading this. There must have been something about Centro Fidei that has caught your attention. Yes, first impressions are important, but let us not forget that they are what they are…..merely impressions. Allow me to acquaint you with what to expect in the school year ahead.


     The Centro Fidei community is dynamic in every sense of the word. The families that make up our student population together with the faculty and staff work in a genuine pursuit of academic excellence and the building of character. Our students come from different backgrounds, with varied interests and we have the pleasure of being part of their growth as they learn and forge meaningful relationships. We believe in the value of a well-rounded curriculum and extra-curricular program, helping all students turn their interests into passions, encouraging every boy and girl to explore as many avenues as they wish.


     There are 5 core values that you will see around our campus and in our classrooms.  These are  Fortitude, Integrity, Devotion, Empathy and Intelligence.  These are the words that we, as an entire family, use as a basis for our way of life - to be persons of outstanding character.


     Thank you very much and welcome to the Centro Fidei family!

Jose Antonio Narciso

School Director

Our Goals and Objectives

The instructional needs of the students being the highest priority, the school shall:

  1. provide a scholastic environment that allows for responsive learning and formation of values;

  2. develop a positive attitude toward school and learning;

  3. actively involve parents and families in their child’s educational process;

  4. foster inner discipline and sense of order and,

  5. exhibit competence through intellectual advancement.

Our Core Values

Fortitude. Show courage in assuming responsibility for our actions.

Integrity. Demonstrate honesty in words and in actions.

Devotion. Engage in school and community activities with loyalty and passion for service.

Empathy. Collaborate with others giving due respect to their feelings and thoughts.

Intelligence. Develop the ability to learn, understand and apply the school’s academic and social advocacies.