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Grade School & High School


Centro Fidei School offers a dynamic academic program that is in accordance with the policies and standards set by the Department of Education and are in alignment with the Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum.

     Our faculty utilizes modern and progressive teaching strategies that bring challenges and enjoyment in the learning process of all our students. The curriculum is further enriched with supplemental activities like film viewing, field trips, experiments and other hands-on learning experiences.  

     Your children will be exposed to various programs where they will be asked to perform individually and in groups to test their competence versus their classroom work.  They will take an active part in our community through various volunteer work initiated by the school. It is our firm belief that your children learn best through different approaches that will aid them in acquiring the necessary life-skills that will turn them into intelligent and virtuous individuals and ready for the adult life when they step our of our campus.


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